November 28, 2020

Frogs for sprogs - which one will keep them riveted?

Frogs for sprogs - which one will keep them riveted?
Based in South Wales, Frog Bikes was founded in 2013 with an ethos of creating 'quality, lightweight, affordable bikes'. Frog has since rocketed with around 1800 retailers worldwide, and earned numerous awards for innovation and design.

All Frog bikes are designed with little ones in mind, to ensure kids feel confident when riding from day one. To achieve this, Frog works in partnership with sports scientists at Brunel University to create the best bike geometries for a range of rider heights. The lightweight design of Frog bikes allows riders to balance, pedal and stop with ultimate control, giving them confidence to cycle more often and progress through the range of models Frog offers, eventually leading them on to adult sized frames.

Sold only through independent retailers, Frog's aim is for local bike shops to support their local community, and ultimately get kids learning to ride earlier and more often, leading to a healthy, happy lifestyle and building positive lifelong habits.

Here at Wildside we stock all Frog Bikes ranging from kids' first balance bikes to hybrid bikes. Each Frog bike is identified by a number - Frog 44 for example - which is equivalent to the inside leg measurement of the rider. This helps determine what Frog is the most appropriate size. To view the official size guide please click here, where you'll find a link to their super-handy sizing app too!

Balance Bikes

The balance bike is where a child's cycling life begins. The Frog Tadpole balance bike is effectively a toddler's bike without pedals, and helps a child to develop the necessary balance to cycle. A popular and effective alternative to using training wheels.

  • Tadpole Mini £170 - 10" wheel / 18 months+
  • Tadpole £190 - 12" wheel / 2-3yo
  • Tadpole Plus £200 - 14" wheel / 3-4yo

First Pedal Bikes

The Frog First Pedal bike is the best bike for early balance bike graduates, helping them to build confidence in their cycling abilities. It can also act as a balance bike for a taller child by simply removing the pedals.

  • Frog 40 £290 - 14" wheel / 3-4yo
  • Frog 44 £300 - 16" wheel / 4-5yo

Hybrid Bikes

The Frog Hybrid Bike is our perfect 'all rounder' kids' bike. It is the ideal multi-purpose bike for boys and girls that want to cycle in multiple disciplines, from forest trails to riding to school. All models have quality 8-speed transmissions, to introduce them to the concept of changing gear.

  • Frog 52 £350 - 20" wheel / 5-6yo
  • Frog 55 £355 - 20" wheel / 6-7yo
  • Frog 62 £365 - 24" wheel / 8-10yo
  • Frog 69 £380 - 26" wheel / 10-12yo
  • Frog 73 £400 - 26" wheel / 12-14yo
  • Frog 78 £420 - 26" wheel / 13+yo

Road Bikes

Frog's amazingly priced kids' and junior road bikes will help your child increase their distance, speed and confidence with a super lightweight frame, child specific short-drop handlebars and auxiliary brake levers. Perfect for road racing, cyclocross and triathlon, and complete with mudguards for all-weather performance. In common with all Frog Bikes, componentry is high quality and wouldn't be out of place on an adult bike; a refreshing change form many junior bikes, which all too often are built with cheap "disposable" components.

  • Frog Road 58 £485 - 20" wheel
  • Frog Road 67 £490 - 24" wheel
  • Frog Road 70 £500 - 26" wheel

To see all Frog bikes on our website, with further information on each, please click here. Alternatively pop in for more details on sizes, colours and stock levels.

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