January 13, 2020



Any cyclist contemplating purchasing that “special” bike, should consider the option of having a machine custom built. Most prestige models are available as a frameset only, which can then be built up by our pro-mechanics to the exact specification you require - why settle for what the manufacturer thinks you should have when you can have precisely the kit you want, often for little or no premium over the cost of a stock model?

We consult with you over the myriad possible variations of drivetrain, finishing kit, wheels, tyres etc, before agreeing on a combination that perfectly matches your needs and preferences. It’s your decision, right down to the smallest detail.

Our custom service also extends to wheelbuilding, so if you are looking for something unusual that is not readily available off-the-shelf - perhaps a dynamo wheelset for bikepacking, or some wheels for a restoration project - then talk to us about how we can fulfil your needs.

Whatever you’re thinking of, we are always happy to sit down with a cuppa and discuss possibilities with you - there’s nothing we enjoy more than talking about bikes!

Our expertise and vast knowledge can help guide you through the multiple different options and provide information relevant to your build.

On top of all this we offer a range of optional extras, including a full Retul Bike Fit and workshop classes so you can learn how to take car of your new bike.

If your searching for inspiration, then why not view our frames

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