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Whether you’re a new rider or a seasoned professional, a Retül Fit is specifically designed to increase your performance on the bike, whilst simultaneously reducing cycling related injuries. Having a badly fitted bike will not only slow you down, it can greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of your ride, and potentially lead to injury.

Our established Retül Bikefit Technician, Gary Moore has many years of experience and has now completed over three thousand bike fits. His knowledge, combined with industry-leading Retül technology means you'll get a service and a fit that's second to none. In fact, every mm of your bike & riding position is examined and adjusted (where necessary) to give you the perfect riding experience.

Plus, all your measurements are recorded, analysed and sent to you in a report, giving you lifetime access to your specific bike fit. This means you can setup any other bikes now and in the future to your specific setup.

Retül has specialized in bike fit technology and training since 2007, teaching more than 350 bike fit training courses around the world and helping bike shops, fit studios, performance centres and medical professionals incorporate Retül Fit services into their businesses. Retül was acquired by Specialized Bicycle Components in 2012 and the blending of the existing Body Geometry Fit system with Retül’s super accurate measuring technology has created the most complete bike fitting system around.

                                  A full Retül Bike Fit takes approximately three hours and costs £180


Retül Custom Footbeds are ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to increase power, endurance and comfort through a precise, custom-level of hip, knee and foot alignment. Consider them a fast and easy way to take your performance to the highest possible level.

One of our fitters will carry out a foot assessment to understand your needs, before producing a ready-to-use custom footbed moulded to your foot’s unique contours. If you’re a rider who believes that details matter, Retül Custom Footbeds are an important step towards next-level comfort and performance.

                                      Custom footbed fitting can take up to an hour and costs £120

SPECIAL OFFER - Full Retul fit plus custom footbeds for £260

Combine your Retul Bike Fit appointment with a Custom Footbed fitting for £260, a saving of £40 over the price if booked individually. Please call the shop on 01892 527069 to take advantage of this offer.

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Use the calendar below to reserve your bikefitting appointment, or you can call us at the shop on 01892 527069, or email


Bike fits at Wildside offer a crucial advantage by using Retül 3D motion capture technology, but what exactly does that mean? Put simply, it involves using cutting-edge tools and techniques to help cyclists of all standards increase comfort and improve performance on their bikes. In this video, amateur rider Julie Emmerman and pro triathlete Tim Don share how a Retül bikefitting experience has impacted their riding and racing.

“The attention and understanding from friendly knowledgeable staff were amazing at my bike fit. now my bike is a smooth and efficient ride, very much tailored to my specific needs as an age-group rider.”

wildside RETÜL BIKE FIT Mia Hamilton


Retül Bike Fits are the most advanced and sophisticated fittings within the industry. Our goal is to ensure every bikefit we complete is the most accurate and comprehensive they can be, allowing you to be able to ride with more comfort and performance and without fear of injuries because of poor bike setup.

Only approved, registered fitters can undertake a Retül Bike Fit. Gary Moore and Matt Evans are both experienced Level II fitters, and Matt is also trained in Trek Precision Fit and Tony Corke’s Body Positioning System. Their clients all speak highly of how they conduct their fits, and a read of our Google Reviews outlines the level or service and care you can expect during your fitting session.

When you arrive for your fit Gary or Matt will sit you down and go through the following:

  • Pre Fit Interview – We get to know a little about you and your riding history
  • Physical Assessment – This will focus on injuries, joint ranges, leg length discrepancy test, and the thomas test.
  • Zinn the Bike – We will measure your current bike setup and positioning
  • Riding the Bike – We will sit you on either a Retül Müve bike or your own bike on a turbo trainer
  • Placement of Markers – We will attach some infra-red LED markers, placed at eight anatomical points
  • Bike Adjustments – Adjustments are made to the bike to optimise the fit
  • Re-Zinn the Bike – After we have all your measurements we can apply these to your bike
  • Fit Report Created – Your data is compiled into a report which can be emailed or printed for you to take away

Once your bikefit is complete we will send you all your reports and see you for a follow up within 1-2 months (earlier if you experience any problems). This is to ensure you are getting all the benefits from your fit and happy with the customer service provided.


Your fitting will take between around three hours, please ensure you bring the following along with you:

  • Your cycle clothing, this way we can see exactly how you are on your bike
  • Your cycling shoes and socks, you can’t ride without them
  • A cycle helmet and glasses, the measurements we take are precise, slight movements of the head when riding make all the difference
  • Your bike, we can set this up on our turbo trainers, or you can use our Retül Müve bike
  • A towel or a change of clothes can be a good idea


Wildside Cycles is the leading shop for bike fits, with the area’s most experienced bikefitting team. We profile these fits to work one to one with you and achieve the results you desire.

...or call us on 01892 527069 and speak to Gary or Matt with any questions you have and to book a time and date that best suits you.

*IMPORTANT. Change Of Opening Hours With Immediate Effect, Tuesday Now 10am - 6pm, For Staff Training. Thank You.