November 26, 2020

Gearing up for Christmas? Sleigh it with the perfect gift

Gearing up for Christmas? Sleigh it with the perfect gift
Looking for a stocking filler but worried you'll put your foot in it? Read on for some seasonal inspiration...

It's something that we get asked several times a day at this time of year: "I'm looking for a gift to give to a friend who cycles, but don't have a clue what to buy. Any suggestions?" And if you don't ride a bike yourself, the world of cycling accessories can be a murky and mysterious one (and let's face it, cyclists can be a picky bunch), so to help out, we've put together some ideas to suit different budgets. We'll be posting up more suggestions (plus some offers and bargains) daily on our social media feeds too, so tune in to us @wildsidecycles on Instagram and Facebook.

1: Cream of the crop

Something for the sporting cyclist in your life, and while we're not going to go into graphic detail as to what he or she will do with it, trust us when we say they will thank you for some chamois cream. No buts. We even have a female-specific version!

2: Winter warmers

Keeping the extremeties cosy is a top priority during the winter months, and we have a range of buffs, balaclavas & headbands to keep Jack Frost at bay. One-size fits all with many of them, so you can't go far wrong.

3: Spec savers

As with most things in the cycling universe, you can spend a fortune on eyeware. But it is possible to look cool without breaking the bank, and with prices starting at £34.99 our range of glasses from Tifosi certainly fits that bill.

4: Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

Back in the day there'd always be a tangerine and a walnut somewhere in the Christmas stocking, so how about updating that tradition with some items from our extensive range of ride nutrition? We have energy, hydration and recovery products from Cliff Bar, SIS, Torq and Veloforte. Go for orange flavour if you're feeling old-school.

5: Tackle that sinking feeling

Ahhh, punctures. Another tradition, albeit a less welcome one. Pays to be prepared though, so spare inner tubes, a repair kit, or tyre levers will always be handy and welcome. Not sure what size inner tubes to get? Sneak in with a photo of your loved one's bike and we can probably figure it out. Promise you we won't tell... shhhh...

6: Tooled up

Another essential item for roadside maintenance, our selection of mutitools from Topeak & Park Tool ranges from the simple Park 9.2 hex set, through to super-comprehensive models such as the Topeak Tubi 18. Sleek piece of kit that, we like it.

7: Bag it and (gift) tag it

So much stuff to carry, where you gonna put it? Jersey pockets are all very well, but a neat little seatpack from Topeak is even weller. I'm going to get one and call it Paul.

8: You can't have too many socks

It's official, giving socks at Christmas is cool. We're not talking about the type that your granny buys your dad, of course, oh no. We're talking about super stylish socks from Italian purveyors of cycling couture, Castelli.

9: Got a lotta bottle

Another thing you can't have too many of, water bottles. We have small ones, large ones, even insulated ones to keep your cycling beverage cool in the summer or warm in the winter. I wonder how long they'd keep gravy hot?

10: And for the cyclist who has everything...

...have they had a bikefit? They're not the preserve of pros, anybody who rides regularly can benefit from greater comfort and increased performance, and who doesn't want to do their best to stay injury free? Keep an eye on our social media for details of a special offer on bikefitting too...

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