May 14, 2020


So now you have a spanking new bike or have dusted off your rusty beloved one from the shed and are wondering: where do I cycle?

We have prepared a handy list of the hot spots to cycle to this summer (even under lockdown!).


High rocks, a round trip under an hour, not far from town, a bit of a hill to get the heart pounding and start to get some strength in the legs for when you’ll be ready to go further afield

Distance: 5 miles

Beginner cycle route Tunbridge Wells
5 Miles

Easy Rider

If you just got your first bike or are getting back into shape, you might love a not so hilly spin, which will still reinvigorate you. Lovely views, green fields, not many cars.

Cycle to Pepenbury, this charity farm is in a country lane (Cornford Lane) just before Pembury, surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape with ancient woodland. Nice spot to stop for a coffee once the venue reopens to the public.

Distance: 5 miles

Easy Rider with pub bonus

I often cycle to Bells Yew Green via some back roads, they are very quiet and there is a bit of undulation so I still feel like I have done a good workout, but without being away all day from my family. When it reopens, stop at the Brecknock Arms and have a beer or coffee in their garden, surrounded by their farm animals.

Distance: 8 miles

Hills Lover

We love this loop: cycle via Langton Green to Fordcombe, then on to Penshurst and Bidborough and back to Tunbridge Wells via Southborough.

Perfect if you want to improve your fitness and get your heart rate up. It’s very steep between Penshurst and Bidborough so you can really test your fitness if you are using a tracking app like Strava and race against yourself to see if you are getting faster.

For a change, you could cycle this same loop anticlockwise, via Bidborough and Penshurst towards Fordcombe. This will offer you a less steep but much longer climb. We used this when we were training for the Alps as the climb into Fordcombe is long and steady.

Another great climb to add on your way home is Tea Garden Lane, just after Langton Green on your way into Tunbridge wells. And if you can’t manage this last hill, what a great excuse to stop at the Beacon pub to catch your breath (once it reopens).

Distance: 15 miles

Hill Lover Ride Tunbridge Wells
15 Miles


If you really need to clear your head or get away from all the stress for a bit, this ride is around 20 miles and you are guaranteed to come back clearheaded and lighthearted.

If you like me, where born by the sea and crave cycling by the water, Bewl Water will be a good alternative and give you that holiday feeling for a few hours.

Distance: Around 20 miles

Intermediate cycle route Tunbridge Wells
20 Miles +


We love a ride to Hever, quiet rural and you can see some farms with lambs this time of the year

Distance: 25 miles

Aspiring Pro

This is Seamus’ favourite as “it reminds him of wide open prairies in America and it gives him a great sense of freedom” is Ashdown forest.

Distance: 50 miles:

I guess with 2 young kids, even a ride to Tesco would give you a great sense of freedom these days ☺

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