May 26, 2020

The future is electrifying - How the e-bike is taking Tunbridge Wells by storm

The future is electrifying - How the e-bike is taking Tunbridge Wells by storm

How the e-bike is taking Tunbridge Wells by storm

I was 38 when I was expecting my second baby and was suffering from pelvic pain and lower back pain. By month 6, I was no longer able to walk. My physiotherapist suggested I keep cycling as it’s really important to keep mobile, and to my surprise, I could cycle without any discomfort or back pain.

In a moment of despair, my husband got the genius idea to test ride a Specialized Como. It was perfect. I was sitting upright, instead of the aero position on the road bike, so I had space for the bump, and the lower step meant I could easily get on and off the bike. It was life changing. I was getting very depressed being confined home and using an office chair with wheels to even go the bathroom. But with my e-bike I could get some fresh air and enjoy the freedom to move around independently and get some much needed release of endorphins and happiness.

The e-bike could get me out of Tunbridge Wells and in the Kent countryside and back home safely if I ever felt tired.

In fact my second pregnancy was healthier than my first as I didn’t gain any weight and I was keeping some good muscle tone throughout.

What is great about e-bikes is that they are democratic, as there is not a typical user.

How the e-bike is taking Tunbridge Wells by storm

Our neighbour is a young teacher in Tonbridge and he got his e-bike to cycle his hilly commute without breaking a sweat, as he is always carrying lots of teaching material on his rack. Before he would arrive to the classroom red and sweaty… and there were no showers at work! Now he can get to work in time without being stuck in traffic and on his way home he rides a longer, scenic route and fits in a great workout.

My friend Loretta is a stay at home mother of two. This year she and her husband are getting an e-bike each as a treat as they haven’t been on holiday anywhere due to the lockdown and the kids are spending too much time on screens. They’ll be cycling to Bewl Water which would be otherwise too far and too hilly to get to with her 4 years old on a child seat. He loves his little trips to the forest with mum. So many adventures, and they are free and safe, in line with social distancing rules.

A long-time customer of ours has had a knee surgery. She wants to be able to control the amount of stress she places on her knees. I can’t forget her “e-bike smile”: the smile customers have on their face when coming back from their first e-bike test: “Wow! THIS-IS-AMA-ZING! I dint know such a beautiful thing even existed!”

We had a friend in last week who has a very demanding job and has put on lots of weight during the lockdown. He used to be able to go cycling with his sons but now they are teenagers he is struggling to keep up. He fell in love with his sleek looking demo e-bike. We knew it was the right solution for him, as he’ll be able to gradually get back into shape while still being able to cycle with the kids around the trails of Bedgebury Forest.

My father was first attracted by the idea of having a little help to carry his top up food shopping uphill to home.

Now he doesn’t use the car anymore. He ends up exercising more often and for longer than on his push bike and finds reasons to go out as he loves it so much.

A survey by The Guardian shows that e-bike users end up cycling further and more often than regular cyclists, and so they get fitter as a result.

A study by Oxford research firm CREDS highlights how electric bikes can slash transport emissions by offering many workers, worried about risking their health on public transport, a safe way to get to work during coronavirus.

Accounting firm Deloitte says 300 million electric bikes will be out on the world's roads by 2023, an eye-popping 50% growth.

How rewarding to see people from all walk of life and age stay fit, ditch the car, save on parking and bus fees and go around town on their elegant e-bikes.

If you liked this article and know anyone who could benefit from an e-bike in their life please share. And you are doing something for the planet too!

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